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Floral fasion shoot – Steampunk choker

Floral fasion shoot – Steampunk choker

This Steampunk styled floral fashion shoot is our second in a series of backstage stories about floral themed shoots we did earlier this year. Our team for this shoot consisted of:

  • Sandra Welte – freelance floral designer Divergent Flowers
  • Lianne Veenstra – model, member of Team Studio 78A
  • Sjoerd Banga – photographer at Studio 78A
  • Vera Wapstra – junior filmer/editor Studio 78A
  • Patricia van Es – intern, film

We take you backstage of this photoshoot.

I have to admit, doing photoshoots is addictive. I remember well the first shoot I did with Sjoerd back in 2015. A year later, during my work for Studio 78A, I happily did many more. Now that I’m living in Paris, I can’t do as much as I’d like for Studio 78A and I really miss working with such a fantastic, creative team. Therefore I’m glad to have the chance to do more photoshoots whenever I visit the Netherlands. Most recently, Sjeord and I, together with floral artist Sandra, have developed an original concept into some beautiful end results

This second part of the shoot stood in sharp contrast to the first, when we replaced the airy surroundings of the forest with the dark basement of the studio. This time I was wearing a Steam Punk collar of iron wire and small cogwheels, adorned with pretty, colourful flowers. I decorated my face with a rich ochre pattern formed of pastel chalk and water, changing the theme from sweetly-romantic to mechanical and tough. For extra effect we added tinted smoke, first inside, then later outside.

We were satisfied with the results, and by our collaboration we created some beautiful, unique images. I am very happy that I was able to take part in this project and am excited about my next photoshoot with Sjoerd!

Lianne Veenstra

Since I had to spend two hours in the car for this photoshoot, I thought I could make another flower object which Sjoerd could photograph. Something totally different with flowers which I could finish on location, as I expected that the dress would take a lot of time to make. Therefore, I already made a frame at home out of coloured aluminum thread in the form of a choker necklace. Since I wanted something completely different, I decided to work on a steampunk look. I adjusted the little cogwheels tightly one by one with very thin iron wire.

After the photoshoot with the gypsophila, I had to give the finishing touch to the necklace by sticking some small leaves of the gloriosa flower onto it. After, I glued some other flowers on it, amongst which a very pretty little lily. This necklace didn’t need a lot of flowers; the rest was up to Lianne.
In order to get this extravagant feel, I choose bright yellow and orange make-up that Lianne had to put around the eyes. I was very happy with the combination of the necklace, make-up and location.
The photoshoot took place in a basement of an old cheese factory. The atmosphere was completely different from the one in the forest. A big machine made the steampunk look and feel that I had with the necklace complete. Then Sjoerd was looking for the perfect lightning for this shoot. Lianne couldn’t take too many poses, since the necklace almost kept her restrained, under control. With the music of Rammstein in the background, it was clear that this photoshoot too, albeit different from the first shoot, would be super awesome.

Flowers are my passion, I knew that for a while now. But with the combination of fashion and flowers I see many challenges lying ahead of me. I’m already thinking about my next project and it would be great to work together with Sjoerd and Lianne again.

Sandra Welte

Steampunk and flowers, a combination I’d never experienced until now, and Sandra’s magnificent creation inspired us even more. The effect upon Lianne was intriguing, as though some ethereal being had taken shape before us. It’s a reminder of how much theme, location, music and mood can affect the mind of a model. Her expression slowly transformed before me as I worked.’

Most of these images were made using a single strobe, which created hard, contrasting shadows. In addition, the rawness of the deserted factory perfectly complemented the style of Sandra’s artwork. I hadn’t seen Lianne for over a year because of her career in Paris and this shoot reminded me: Lianne is, besides being my adorable niece, also one of my favorite models to work with.

Sjoerd Banga

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